Synergy is a professional engineering firm dedicated to assisting building owners,
developers, and design teams with creating sustainable high performance buildings. We
offer comprehensive suite of professional services that include building commissioning,
energy management and sustainability consulting.

The integrated design process is a cornerstone of our practice.  Our approach integrates
and enhances the traditionally separate functions of design, construction and operations.

Synergy Engineering considers a building’s design, structure and MEP components as a
unified system, and optimizes their interaction for economic and environmental benefits.

We look well beyond the traditional design process and simple questions of system sizing
and specification, and see the building's design, envelope, lighting and HVAC as integral
to occupant comfort, satisfaction and operating performance.

Synergy is an interaction of team members to design and construct sustainable “green”
buildings that focuses on the health, well-being, and productivity of occupants and the
environment for the least added cost. The most effective green building projects are
created when there is synergy between all members of the project team.

Synergy Engineering, PLLC serves as the catalyst for this synergy.  We augment a project
team’s resources with our dedication, knowledge, and experience in sustainable building
design, construction and operation.
Synergy Engineering, PLLC
Commissioning / Energy Management / Sustainability Consulting